Who We Are?

The Spanish as a Foreign Language Courses are taught by a team of native-speaking university professors with degrees and have experience in teaching Spanish and English as a Foreign Language. We are dedicated to working only with qualified instructors, so that students learning any language can rely on their instructor's ability to teach either their native language or a foreign one.

Who We Are?

Lic. Luisa Venegas Robinson, teacher, graduate in tourism administration

Ibo Bonilla Oconitrillo,
Teacher, Sculpltor, Architect, Mathematic, M.B.A. (más información: www.iboenweb.com)
Administrative Director

Enesto Bonilla Sánchez, Informatic Ingenier
Administrative Coordinator

Benson Venegas Robinson, Marine Biology, International Lecturer, ANAI Director (más información: www.anaicr.org)
Ecoturism Coordinator


Sebastián Bonilla Sánchez, Tropical Biology, Ornitology y Entomology

Biology Coordinator