ETC Cultural &
Tropical Biology

The Tropical Experience Cultural Center (ETC Cultural) is a strong friend of the nature and your preservation, for this reason our directors have many interesting and work for it:

Lic. Luisa Venegas Robinson, teacher, graduate in tourism administration
Expert in Ecologic and Adventure Tourism

Ibo Bonilla Oconitrillo,
Teacher, Sculpltor, Architect, Mathematic, M.B.A. (more info:
Expert in Ecologic and Sustentable Architecture

Benson Venegas Robinson, Marine Biology, International Lecturer, ANAI Director (more Info:
Ecocologic and Agro Agro Tourism Expert


Sebastián Bonilla Sánchez, Tropical Biology, Ornitology y Entomology

Biology Reserch


* To check of ancient tropical solutions in architecture
* Work in indigenous community of Yorkín
* Work in rural communitys around natural reserves

ETC Cultural contribute whit ecologic preservation


Abundante agua para Limón ...... Bosque lluvioso
Two other friends and us have 200 Ha. of virgin forest in Bananito, Limón, Costa Rica

More Info:
* A little help for the planet: our natural reserve